About Us

Remo General Contracting Ltd. prides itself on its over 30 years of success. As an established family–owned organization, we are dedicated to the success of each project that bears our name. Our strong commitment to innovative solutions, client communication and personnel distribution, contribute to our competitive advantage. Our varied portfolio of high profile projects includes: Industrial, Commercial and Institutional projects.

 Our concentrated focus on establishing an accurate outline, results in meeting the needs of the client by using high profile consultants and trade specialists. Our efficiency with consultant liaison and site management largely contributes to our numerous successful projects. Additionally, our highly experienced staff, competitive pricing and commitment to exceed client expectation set us well above the competition.

Often, our projects require working with clients who remain on-site for its progression; using careful planning and scheduling we ensure minimal disruption to staff and property. The proven effectiveness with our change-order process, site management and personnel scheduling contribute to accomplishing the most optimal liaison with our consultants before the commencement of construction.

The success of each project is largely due to our attention to risk analysis, price consciousness and effective scheduling. In turn, delivering value for money to our clients is an integral element in the construction services we offer.

We focus on establishing an accurate outline to meet our clients’ needs using our quality supply of consultants and trades specialists and match the skills of our personnel to meet the needs of each project.